Welcome to TransactionPoint™

To visit the TransactionPoint™ site to view the status of your transactions, please specify the full URL. The full URL is in the form of http://www.trpoint.com/<SiteName>, where <SiteName> is a name that identifies the company who manages your transactions.

  • If you are a real estate agent and if your company has signed up for the TransactionPoint™ service, you can obtain the full URL to your TransactionPoint™ site from your company.
  • If you are a buyer or seller or service provider, and would like to view the status of the transactions that you are involved with, please check your email for the full URL to visit the TransactionPoint™ site, or contact the real estate agent whom you work with.
  • If you know the specific Site Name of the TransactionPoint™ site, please enter it below and then click on the Submit link to proceed to the Login page.

    Site Name

  • If your company has not yet signed up for the TransactionPoint™ service, click here to learn more about the benefits of TransactionPoint™.

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